The Hermes-Lite is a low-cost direct down/up conversion software defined amateur radio HF transceiver based on a broadband modem chip and the Hermes SDR project. It is entirely open source and open hardware, including the tools used for design and fabrication files. Over 500 Hermes-Lite 2.0 units have been successfully built.

Hermes-Lite 2.x

Current development is focused on the next major version, which combines the FPGA, gigabit ethernet and AD9866 on a single board. Several versions of the Hermes-Lite 2 have been released.

Hermes-Lite 1.x

Approximately 100 Hermes-Lite 1.x units have been built by experimenters around the world since 2014. This version requires a companion BeMicro SDK,CV or CVA9 FPGA card which has become difficult to find. See pictures of Hermes-Lite 1.x builds in our gallery.

  • Tindie to purchase bare board sets and kits
  • GitHub for all open source hardware, software and firmware
  • Build Gallery to see Hermes-Lite 1.x builds
  • Hermes-Lite 1.x Files
  • Basic RF Front End
  • Version 1.42 Front End (Recommended)

Support Hermes-Lite Open Source Hardware